Twin Parks community, family members organize rally to demand better safety measures in buildings

As families at Twin Parks begin to bury their loved ones, a justice rally of community leaders and neighbors is scheduled for Thursday.

The devastation caused by the fire is a feeling the Borough of the Bronx is familiar with. In 2017, a fire ravaged a building in Belmont, killing 12 people. Last weekend 17 people died in Fordham. Today the community calls again for justice and change.

African immigrants, leaders of the Hispanic community and family members will come together to demand justice, responses and immediate support for the victims of the Twin Parks fire. They say the fire is like the Twin Parks fire that happens too often in the Bronx, citing the tragic fire of 2017.

Today, they will demand that more be done to protect residents. After the Belmont fire, safety measures were put in place to try to prevent a deadly fire of this magnitude from happening again. One of those changes was a mandate passed by city council for self-closing doors, which failed during the Twin Parks fire.

The similarities in these fires are that both buildings housed immigrant families.

The rally will begin Thursday at 1 p.m. in front of the Twin Parks North West building.

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