Top 10 racing games in the world 2022

There is a range of racing video games released every year. We have a lot more racing arcade games as well as niche specific games like Motocross, and racers that use simulations looking to recreate the authentic racing experience. Check out the Top 10 Racing Games in the World 2022.

2022 is full of racing games that we’re excited to try. Also, there are bonus games towards the end of the game that you might also be interested in.

10. Nano Race

Nano Racing is almost a bit like Micro Machines but not in the top down view. The game allows players to drive through different courses that are realistic but like a miniature car.

Top 10 racing games in the world 2022
Top 10 racing games in the world 2022

The course will take you through different rooms in the house, which include obstacles such as chair beds and tables to consider.

9. Chocobo Grand Prix

Square Enix is ​​looking to enter the racing kart genre by launching Chocobo GP. This is the sequel to the game released in 1999, titled Chocobo Racing.

Top 10 racing games in the world 2022

There will be a variety of characters and locations from the different Final Fantasy video games. Racing enthusiasts participate in a huge event where the winner will get what they want.

8. The Need for Speed ​​2022

Need for Speed ​​is a well-known racing franchise and we are aware that there will be a sequel planned for this year. We don’t have any information on this yet.

Top 10 racing games in the world 2022

The developer behind the game, Criterion, had dropped the game for a short time to help Battlefield 2042.

7. Monster Energy Supercross 5

Another new motorcycle racing game that will be released in the coming year will be Monster Energy Supercross 5. The game has had many variations in the past. It is a supercross simulation game that will feature a brand new career mode.

Top 10 racing games in the world 2022

Players will start as amateurs at 250SX Future Class. Future class 250SX.

6. GRID Legends

Grid fans can look forward to another game this year, with Grid Legends. The racing game is fast paced and takes players to different locations around the world whether they are racing in London or Moscow.

Top 10 racing games in the world 2022

But, the developers also have a Race Creator mode if you feel the challenges aren’t as exciting.

5. Dakar Desert Rally

Another off-road racing sport you might like is Dakar Desert Rally. This is a second racing series, but this one is built on an actual race. Dakar Rally is an annual rally raid inspired by off-road endurance racing.

Top 10 racing games in the world 2022

In this event, runners race down various dunes as well as rocks and grass to cross the finish line.

4. Assetto Corsa Competizione

Assetto Corsa Competizione is not a new game. The title has been in play for the year. The game video was designed by Kunos Simulzaioni.

Top 10 racing games in the world 2022

He has already published Assetto Corsa and is working on a new game that won’t be released for several years. It is a racing simulation game which focuses on high-end sports automobiles.

3. CarX Street

If you’re looking for more racers that are arcade-esque, then CarX Street is the one you should keep an eye out for. We’re still waiting to hear more information though; the graphics already give off the classic Need for Speed ​​Underground vibes.

Top 10 racing games in the world 2022

The game revolves around street racing at night, and you will speed through the streets with busy streets as well as coastal roads.

2. Redoubt 2

Redout was a hit when it launched in 2016. The game was created from the influences of other high-speed racing games and futuristic games.

Top 10 racing games in the world 2022

This includes franchises like F-Zero and Wipeout. Today Redout will have another sequel in the coming year. If you played the previous game, you can expect similar gameplay.

1.F1 2022

The F1 series has been a hit for those who love the thrill of simulation racing. As the title suggests, this is a racing simulation based on F1 races. The players are in the racing season.

Top 10 racing games in the world 2022

The game is usually played in conjunction with the season, but the past two years have been a little off due to the global health outbreak.

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