THOMAS: Canadians are united and mobilizing for freedom

Federal politicians and bureaucrats will likely be hiding in their closets or under their desks, frozen in fear, when the massive Freedom Convoy arrives in Ottawa.

And they should hide in shame until they realize – that they were elected to do the will of the people; it’s time to start listening.

Perhaps a crescendo of car horns in the capital will improve their hearing.

They created a big mess related to COVID-19, underestimated the Canadians they tormented and tried to crush, did cheap stunts and delivered fancy and empty condescending lectures.

Few listen to them anymore. The truckers got behind the wheel and won the trust and respect and the hearts and minds of countless Canadians who oppose the trampling of vaccination mandates and freedom of speech.

The chosen pooh-bahs who have lost whatever self-esteem they may have had just don’t know what to do about it.

Highway truckers – determined heroes in thousands of rigs, trucks and cars – have unleashed a virtuous beast on Canadians who are tired of bullies who squander their freedoms and livelihoods and treat the unvaccinated as second-class lepers.

That’s why hundreds of frigid fans braved -30C temperatures to salute the convoy as it swept through Brandon, Man., a population of 60,000, around noon Tuesday.

A driver traveling in the opposite direction told the Western standard the convoy was 100 km long.

It was a magnificent electric scene that repeated and will continue to repeat along highways, roads and overpasses in cities and towns across Canada until convoys from many directions converged on the capital on 29 January.

Brandon’s enthusiastic supporters did not come empty-handed. They brought more than 1,000 packed lunches — sandwiches, homemade cookies, muffins, puffed wheat cakes — prepared in kitchens across the province.

Someone even very wisely carried porta-potties.

These ordinary Canadians are of little use to most politicians (of course Carlton MP Pierre Poilievre is an exception).

But Canadians love, love, love truckers!

“People have been dropping off food and drink all morning,” said Ingrid Wilkinson of Virden, who organized the sack lunches served at several stations.

“I do this for all the harm that has been caused. I personally know many people who have been greatly injured. I’m doing this for our parents who had to live under Nazi occupation. Fortunately, they are no longer of this world now. I’m doing it for the kids, their future,” Wilkinson said.

“It’s not sustainable. It’s a big lie.”

Virden menu for truckers

The Virden Group was left with $825 from money raised to buy food to donate to the trucker’s GoFundMe, which is $4.6 million and continuing. This incredible feat was accomplished in just 10 days.

About 120 miles away, at Headingley, more food and support awaited the convoy where Hutterite communities prepared for the arrival of the “dear” truckers.

“We are setting up kitchens and we are going to feed you all. We are with you and fully support this massive convoy for freedom,” tweeted Paul Kleinsasser. “May God protect you on your journey, continue, we pray for you. God protects you.”

The convoy was to arrive in Winnipeg a few hours later.

Truckers oppose cross-border vaccination mandates that are having a serious impact on their livelihoods.

Truckers also oppose vaccination mandates for everyone – nurses, police, military, churchgoers, children, students – everyone.

Canadians embrace and are emboldened by their courage and endurance.

So yes, they are well fed, much loved and, it seems, shunned by most politicians.

However, Tory MPs Andrew Scheer and Warrant Officer Steinley showed up to greet the convoy in Regina on Monday evening.

Conservative Deputy Leader Candice Bergen lambasted the Liberal government and threw her support behind the truckers.

“I support peaceful protests against these warrants, and our truckers in Portage-Lisgar and across Canada,” the MP for Portage-Lisgar tweeted on Tuesday.

Bergen said Trudeau “dealed another blow to our crumbling supply chain” when he implemented mandates rendering 26,000 truckers unable to transport goods across the Canada-US border “which will not do than driving inflation higher than it has been for more than 30 years.

“Conservatives have opposed mandatory federal vaccines since Trudeau introduced them: and we oppose mandatory vaccines for Canadian truckers.”

Bergen noted that truckers are bringing much-needed supplies to Canada and “have worked tirelessly during the pandemic” to keep supplies moving.

“Closing this vital industry is nothing more than a political move to further divide Canadians. »

As for the main event in Ottawa, count on the presence of the leader of the People’s Party of Canada, Maxime Bernier.

But all hell will freeze over before Prime Minister Justin Trudeau musters up the courage or the respect to salute the convoy that speaks on behalf of much of the country.

Opposition Leader Erin O’Toole repeatedly dodged questions Monday about whether he supported truckers offering no-commitment word salad. So no, he will be absent. Lord helps the Conservative Party while he’s in the helm.

Let these two “leaders” hide in the closet of big rigs, honking horns and beefy truckers heading their way.

The time has passed for them to speak. No one cares what they have to say anymore.

The people have spoken.

It’s time for unelected politicians and bureaucrats to listen.

And with each sound of the horn, the message becomes louder and clearer: enough is enough!

Exciting times.

Slobodian is the senior Manitoba columnist for the Western Standard
[email protected]

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