“Spying in MotoGP is fundamental” – Oscar Haro

Being a highly competitive and technological environment, constantly changing, everyone has their secrets in MotoGP, while rivals try to decode them with all the information that can be collected on a regular and legal basis – including a certain amount of espionage in track.

Oscar Haro, who until last year was LCR Honda’s sporting director, made no secret of the fact that spying was part of it, as he told Nico Abad’s Twitch: “Spying in MotoGP is fundamental. We have people on the track with a videometer, which is a machine that records the passages of the turns of the guys as Marc Marquez says. Marc said that they had to follow two riders who were champions of the world and needed to know what their bike was doing.

The Spaniard continued: ‘As Marc arrives in the stand, Takeo [Yokoyama] do we ask ourselves: how is the Yamaha doing? Where is the best Yamaha? How is the Yamaha better?

On more than one occasion, Marquez has been seen trying to follow the wheel of other riders, and Haro explained the motivations of the six-time champion: ‘When Marc Marquez gets behind Fabio [Quartararo] it is because he knows that he or [Francesco] Bagnaia will win the race. It’s taking information for Takeo and Marc says “they brake here, they stop here, or they duck there, and I can’t do it”. It’s important and it’s inside information. Marc takes the wheel to study, and sometimes he saves time.

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