Seth Meyers Muses on Trump Weekend in the Iowa Rally

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Donald Trump held a rally in Iowa on Saturday, but Seth Meyers found the crowd lacking enthusiasm for the former president’s routine.

“And you can tell Trump was also expecting a crowd reaction. I mean, watch it – it’s like watching an open mic party at the senior center, ”Meyers said Monday night.

“He treated the supporters for an hour and 43 minutes bitching about the election he lost and how he didn’t lose it, and how he didn’t concede because it was stolen from him, and all that stupid nonsense circling around in his brain. – JIMMY KIMMEL

“Wow, and I was afraid to bring the audience back. I never thought I would say that, but maybe you should shut yourself up. You know, remote broadcasts might be better for you. You could borrow my attic. – SETH MEYERS

“Plus, I like the cutaways of the brooding Trump fans standing there in silence like tourists looking at one of these types of golden statues in Times Square: [Imitating tourist] “So is he going to do something?” ” – SETH MEYERS

But if the Iowa rally wasn’t its crowd, Jimmy Kimmel joked that the January 6 protesters were. Kimmel reported that Jonathan Karl’s new Trump revealer, “Betrayal,” details Trump’s bragging about the size of the crowd that stormed the capital.

“Of course he was. Is there something this guy doesn’t brag about? It’s like bragging about the size of your tumor. It’s not good.” – JIMMY KIMMEL

“Size matters so much to him. It’s almost like he’s not sure about something. – JIMMY KIMMEL

“Someday he’ll look up from the bowels of hell, nudging his pal Jeffrey Epstein, saying, ‘Can you even believe how many people are dancing on my grave right now? “” – JIMMY KIMMEL

“Happy Indigenous Peoples or Columbus Day, whichever cable news channel you watch.” – JIMMY KIMMEL

“Today was Indigenous Peoples Day. Now of course some people still call it Columbus Day, and to these people I say, ‘How are you getting back to Jersey? Way train? ” – SETH MEYERS

“It’s weird to celebrate them on the same day. It’s like celebrating herpes on Valentine’s Day – they don’t really go together. – JIMMY KIMMEL

“He was never there, and yet we named an entire town in Ohio after him.” – JIMMY KIMMEL

Tonight Show guests Chelsea Handler and Finn Wolfhard faced off in a game of True Confessions.

Phoebe Bridgers will be performing on Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live”.

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