Rush Rally Origins PC review: Essential top-down racing

I can’t help but think that if you told a typical racing game fan with a PC that Rush Rally Origins is a port of a mobile phone version, they would run a mile.

However, let me put it another way – Rush Rally Origins is one of the best virtual rally driving experiences, period, regardless of platform or origins.

Now, I hope I have your attention, let’s dive in and see why this downhill driving game developed by two people is worthy of your time and investment.

First, a very brief history lesson. Brownmonster Games is the brainchild of solo indie developer Stephen Brown, who previously created three Rush Rally games for mobile devices and worked on many diverse titles such as GTi Club+ and the PSP version of Split/Second.

The series took a giant leap forward with Rush Rally 3 – a third-person or cockpit cam rally title released in 2020 for Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch.

Then, moving to a two-person development team, they took Rush Rally 3 gaming technology and recreated the first-ever Rush Rally game in this top-down form. This is how Rush Rally Origins was born last year.

Rush Rally Origins Japan

What you have here is primarily a staged rally game, a race against time with a co-driver shouting the route ahead from a top-down helicopter chase camera or an isometric viewpoint . This, by the way, can be changed on the fly mid-game to your preference.

The cars and locations are fictional but grounded in reality. If you know a bit about the discipline of real-world rallying, you’ll recognize the shapes and sounds of some familiar vehicles. Your computer-controlled rivals are also inspired by famous names. Colon McRay, anyone?

In addition to the traditional stage events, there are also races against point-to-point opponents and a time trial mode that incorporates online leaderboards and shadow uploads of best times.

The objective is simply to get through the main Championship mode as quickly as possible, with six stages per location and each subsequent location unlocking as you progress. Vehicles and upgrades such as improved suspension or braking performance are also earned just by driving – more miles equals more rewards.

Rush Rally Origins car upgrades

This all sounds rather superficial, but where Rush Rally Origins excels is the driving experience. The handling of the vehicle is sublime, valuing precision but at the same time cleverly designed to leave some room for manoeuvre.

This is married to a level design that provides tracks that are just the right width to get away with overambitious corner entry speed.

Progress is fortunately indulgent, but there is always a hint of peril. All stages last less than two minutes, meaning you can snack on the quarry when the time suits you – a benefit of portable debuts perhaps – and deliciously more.

But it also means that small errors can have a significant ranking effect, due to their narrow nature.

Rush Rally Origins Driver Names

There is a mixture of asphalt, snow and gravel, day or night, dry or wet. Each location has its own unique style, each vehicle an individual driving characteristic.

Transitioning from the Switch, a version we’ve included in our “Best Games of 2021” roundup, this new PC iteration works in a remarkably similar way. This doesn’t understate Steam’s release, but rather inflates the tires of the game’s code, as even on Nintendo’s small platform it ran at 60fps and had several PC-style visual fidelity options right from the start. departure.

It’s also not energy-intensive. We tested it on a powerful desktop, but also on a humble mid-range gaming laptop that’s primarily used for writing and not gaming, and even it was able to run everything on ultra settings.

There may be more aesthetically pleasing rival games from a color scheme perspective, but the devil is in the details.

Rush Rally Origins graphics settings

You can see your driver and co-driver working, rolling over bumps on the inside of a turn and each wheel behaving independently and the stage side barriers and panels deforming if you are unlucky enough to hit them.

As your car is shrouded in a layer of dust, you soon realize that it is distinctive enough to stand out in a now crowded market.

New for this launch are stages in the US and Japan. They are included in the base game on PC and will be available as a paid extra on existing mobile platforms. These are arguably the most diverse locations yet, with America’s highways lined with autumnal trees and Japan a cherry blossom. They also seem to have a bigger reach, not in terms of stage length, but in terms of setting variety.

Rush Rally Origins Snow PC

Once you’ve raced through the championship using Class D vehicles, you can then come back with C, B, and A and the speed really picks up. The handling characteristics also change noticeably with upgrades, but even so, the progression system is perhaps a little too basic.

However, the overall simplicity and laser focus on a great driving experience means Rush Rally Origins is an ideal slice of rally nirvana and I’m very happy to say it makes as much sense on an expensive PC as it does on a Nintendo Switch.

The car’s smooth ride, visual details that belie its humble base, and compelling crazy rally theme shine through to make it an essential purchase.

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Developer Stephen Brown and George Brown, Brownmonster Games
Release date April 14, 2022 (PC) – Switch, Android, Amazon, and iOS in 2021
Platforms available PC, Nintendo Switch, Android, Amazon and iOS
Version tested computer
Best played with Joystick

Full disclosure: A code for the game has been provided by the publisher for review. Here is our review policy.

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