Rocket Lab stock rallies, but SpaceX is still one step ahead

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Rocket Lab’s stock is skyrocketing after a string of new trading wins. For now, it’s still a much smaller company than SpaceX.

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Stock in a space and satellite service company

Rocket Lab United States

jumped recently after a string of new business wins. Shareholders are probably happy, as long as they can avoid looking too much at SpaceX’s valuations.

Rocket Lab stock (ticker: RKLB) has increased by around 30% over the past three months following new awards from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the US Space Force and a number of new ones. private companies seeking to start commercial space ventures.

On Monday, the company announced two upcoming launches for

BlackSky technology

(BKSY), one of those commercial space startups launching low-cost satellites into orbit to image Earth.

Two launch missions are now scheduled for November and each mission will carry two satellites, adding to BlackSky’s constellation of satellites monitoring the planet in real time. BlackSky’s geospatial data can be sold to governments and businesses looking to monitor, well, anything to do with the health of forests or ships at sea.

The launch announcements are not enough to boost the title on Monday, however. Rocket Lab stock was down 2.5% at the start of the session. The

S&P 500


Dow Jones Industrial Average

are both up around 0.1%.

Still, Rocket Lab’s 30% rise over three months is pretty good. The company looks solid and has a market cap of $ 6.8 billion.

SpaceX, however, recently hit a valuation of $ 100 billion based on private sales of some of its shares. SpaceX did not respond to a request for comment on sales or stock valuation. This is an increase of about 35% from the $ 74 billion reported earlier in 2021.

SpaceX has also had a pretty impressive year, sending astronauts to the International Space Station, sending civilian astronauts into orbit, and launching its high-speed internet service dubbed Starlink.

Barron recently wrote positively about Rocket Lab, calling the company a mini-SpaceX. Rocket Lab has similar capabilities and ambitions to SpaceX, it’s just smaller. Both companies benefit from more new business activities in space, made possible by lower launch and satellite costs.

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