Rally Against Vaccination Warrants Scheduled for Day One of the Special Session of the North Dakota Legislature

The rally, hosted by the four district presidents of the GOP from the Minot region, will focus on supporting extraordinary session bills that seek to limit immunization mandates in the state.

“The rally is the first step in trying to make a declaration from the people to our representatives that they have been elected to serve and guarantee our freedoms,” said District 5 Republican President Travis Zablotney.

The protest will primarily focus on opposing the vaccine warrants, but other topics covered in the special session bills are likely to be discussed as well.

The plans for the rally aim to accommodate hundreds of people. Zablotney said they had ordered 3,000 t-shirts to hand out to attendees, planned to have their own security guards in attendance, and to hire around 40 porta-pots for the rally. There will also be food trucks, music and pre-recorded messages from national conservative pundits Charlie Kirk and Steve Deace. The North Dakotas of Tioga and Minot are also planning to take buses to Bismarck on the day of the rally.

The rally will be hosted by Chris Berg, who recently resigned from Valley News Live for refusing to comply with the company’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Rally organizers fear people will quit or lose their jobs because of a COVID-19 vaccine warrant.

“When you affect someone’s livelihood, their family, and their income, it’s pretty bad,” said Jared Hendrix, Republican District 38 president and one of the rally’s organizers. “These things happen.”

Hendrix said the rally was a chance for people from all political backgrounds to come together and express concern about the government’s overbreadth, adding that the rally was non-partisan.

North Dakota Highway Patrol Sgt. Tim Coughlin, who heads security on Capitol Hill, declined to comment on the type of security that will be present at the rally, adding that this type of information is not being released to the media. However, he said security was still present on the Capitol grounds.

The North Dakota Office of Management and Budget is requiring protesters to submit an online application in order to rally on the Capitol grounds. The nomination for the “We The People” rally was submitted by Shelby, Ohio city councilor Nathan Martin, who is also a member of the America Restored organization. The group aims to have the United States “restore to our founder’s original intent,” according to its website.

Martin was subpoenaed by the United States House of Representatives committee on January 6 for his alleged affiliation with “Stop the Steal,” a group linked to rallies near the United States Capitol on January 6, the day when a mob stormed the Capitol building in an attempt to stop the certification of the 2020 presidential election. Martin said he was on the Capitol grounds that day, but he did not enter the building.

Organizers of the Bismarck rally say Martin was only involved in the one step of submitting a nomination for the November 8 event and the rest was planned by people on the ground in North Dakota. It will be a peaceful rally to show North Dakota lawmakers “that we will not comply,” according to the rally’s website.

“This is a rally to let our lawmakers know that people really want them to step up their efforts for freedom,” said Representative Jeff Hoverson, R-Minot, who helped organize the rally.

The event is scheduled to start Monday at noon and a reception at the Radisson Hotel in Bismarck is scheduled that evening.

Readers can contact reporter Michelle Griffith, a member of the Report for America Corps, at [email protected]

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