Rade Garage releases KTM 790/890 rally kit with rear tank option

If you could modify KTM’s 790/890 Adventure bikes to better suit your wants and needs, what would you change? Upgrading the bike is a tough job as KTM has already put a lot of thought into mass centralization, suspension dynamics, rider ergonomics, etc., but play along. Maybe you’d add more range ? More wind protection? More space for electronics on the dashboard?

The designers at Rade Garage asked themselves the same question, and they found an answer in the form of their 790/890 Adventure Rally Kit, a complete redesign of the bike that gives the 790/890 a sleeker, more rally-ready look. useful. and also improves performance aspects that are important for the types of riders who already love them.

The complete kit actually consists of four separate kits: a new navigation tower and fairing, front tanks, rear auxiliary tanks and new adjustable shift and brake levers. All components can be purchased and installed separately if a complete overhaul isn’t in your plans, but the components are designed to fit and work together as a complete package.

Fairing kit

Rade Garage launches the 790/890 rally kit

Starting from the front, the fairing kit is based on a new navigation tower made up of up to nine layers of kevlar and carbon fiber designed to maintain high rigidity and low weight. Rade says the kit saves a kilogram (2.2 pounds) of weight over stock. Road-legal LED headlights are included in the kit, as is a new windshield with improved wind management.

Rade Garage launches the 790/890 rally kit

The design incorporates a USB socket, a new dashboard with a 12mm bar for mounting a GPS, smartphone or even a roadbook above where the unit is located. bike’s original TFT dashboard. The bar is mounted on anti-vibration blocks to be kind to your electronics, and the whole thing is stabilized by a brace bracket that keeps the bike’s VIN visible.

Front rally tank kit

Rade Garage launches 790/890 rally kit with front tanks

Moving rearward, the front rally tank kit replaces the stock one-piece fuel tank with two tanks connected via a hose at the bottom. The result is a fuel storage system that is 12 centimeters (4.75 inches) thinner and 3 kilograms (6.6 pounds) lighter than the original single tank. There are two filler caps that will allow you to pump 17 liters (4.5 gallons) of fuel, less than the stock tank’s 20 liter (5.3 gallon) capacity. However, Rade says the reservoirs hold fuel lower than the stocker for a better center of gravity and better handling. Stylistically, they also resemble the twin-tank setup of KTM’s classic 950/990 Adventure bikes.

WATCH: How do the KTM 790/890 front rally tanks work?

The tank kit includes a sturdy, integrated aluminum radiator brace and carbon fiber crash guard. A two-liter top case equipped with a USB charger to store your wallet, camera or phone is a good idea, as is an adapter for a Scotts steering damper. The kit works with any skid plate designed to fit using the stock lower tank guards, and can be ordered to fit either the stock front fairing or the Rally Fairing Kit from Rade.

Rear auxiliary tank kit

Rade Garage launches the 790/890 rally kit with rear tanks
The auxiliary tank kit replaces the original rear panels on both sides with tanks of the same shape and size. It is also possible to make the left rear tank contain water instead of fuel.

For KTM 790/890 owners who like Rade’s front tank solution but don’t want to lose fuel capacity, there is the Auxiliary Tank Kit. By replacing the stock rear panels on both sides with tanks of the same shape and size, Rade engineered an additional five liters (1.3 gallons) of capacity while allowing the use of any exhaust system or of luggage adapted to the original bike.

WATCH: How do the rear auxiliary tanks work?

The rear tanks gravity feed the main tank (or tanks if using the Rally Tank kit). Rade offers the option of having the left rear tank hold water instead of fuel, with a bottom tap and quick release clips that allow you to fill it off the bike.

Adjustable gear and brake levers

Rade Garage launches the 790/890 rally kit

Finally, adjustable shift and brake levers help improve ergonomics and increase control. The brake lever has a stepped design for easy operation whether standing or sitting, and the toe is adjustable to accommodate different boot sizes. The gear lever is height adjustable without tools thanks to the use of an eccentric adjuster. Both are made from CNC milled aluminum and should withstand more abuse than the stock units.

Availability and prices

Rade Garage launches 790/890 rally kit with front and rear tanks

The fairing kit ($1,298), front reservoirs ($1,989) and rear reservoirs ($369) are available for pre-order and will ship on February 15. The brake and shift levers ($288) are currently ready to ship. For more information, visit radegarage.com

Photography by Rade Garage

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