PM Modi to address campaign rallies in Punjab on February 14, 16 and 17: The Tribune India

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Jalandhar/Chandigarh, February 9

To give new impetus to the National Democratic Alliance campaign in Punjab, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address three public rallies in the state of Punjab on February 14, 16 and 17 covering the three regions of Malwa, Doaba and Majha.

Canceling the virtual rally to be held on Wednesday for 27 Assembly seats from Jalandhar, Kapurthala and Bathinda, the BJP said Prime Minister Modi would hold a campaign rally in Jalandhar on February 14.

Modi had started a series of virtual rallies on Tuesday. He had organized the rally on Tuesday for Ludhiana and Ferozepur constituencies. As arrangements had been made for the next virtual rallies on Wednesday, it was announced that he would be traveling here for a physical rally, most likely to be held at the PAP grounds.

“Also in 2017, the party chose this venue and will most likely keep it the same this time,” former BJP minister Manoranjan Kalia said.

The decision to hold a physical rally comes after it was deemed that the impact of the virtual rally is not significant and fails to sway voters in favor of the party.

Modi had come to Punjab for a rally in Ferozepur on January 5 but was unable to attend due to the alleged security breach as his passage was blocked by agitated farmers.

BJP State General Secretary Subash Sharma said Prime Minister Modi would address the second rally in Pathankot on February 16 and the third in Abohar on February 17.

He said the Prime Minister’s rallies would change the political atmosphere in the state and further boost the confidence of all NDA candidates in the elections.

In this way, the Prime Minister will cover the three regions of Jalandhar State in Doaba, Pathankot in Majha and Abohar in Malwa.

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