Parents and students gather outside MS 839 to protest the city’s proposed budget cuts for the 2022-2023 school year

Teachers, students and parents gathered outside MS 839 in Prospect Park to call on City Council to postpone Monday night’s city budget vote.

The group marched down the street in front of MS 839 with signs, standing together and chanting to stop the cuts. Protesters wanted the vote postponed so they could get more information and data from those running these schools to see what the cuts might mean.

If passed, $215 million in school cuts would be in place due to declining enrollment, but parents and MS 839 students say these cuts will hit hard and do more harm than help.

“We’ve had a terrible few years where everyone had to give more to keep the school running,” said JD Davids, co-chair of MS 839’s parent-teacher association. completely useless.

“Our theater programs and our arts program are going to be reduced, even greatly reduced, and that will impact all of our experiences and possibly cause a lot of students to be much less engaged,” Winter Collins said. , a seventh-grade student.

This rally was one of many across the city calling on city council to delay the budget vote. This vote should take place on Monday evening.

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