New Mitas Rally Mousse: For Dakar racers (or wannabes?)

Hey, desert racers: Mitas has a new high performance Rally Mousse on the market specifically designed for rally raid and other similar events. See the announcement below, pinch from YouTube:

So instead of mixing and matching and trying to fit one brand’s foam into another brand’s tires, you have something designed specifically for the Mitas line. Mitas says this:

Mitas extends its range of foams with a new rally version to meet the specific requirements of rally riders around the world.

The new Mitas Rally Mousse features a durable compound suitable for high speeds and resistant to heat and sharp objects, providing superior performance on technical vertical sections. It is designed to be used in combination with a range of Mitas Rally tires including E-12 RALLY STAR, E-13 RALLY STAR, C-21 STONEKING and C-17 STONEATER Dakar, and available in 140/80-18 rear and 90 / Sizes before 90-21

You can find more details about Rally foam, as well as other Mitas foam products (for enduro, motocross, or general off-road) on the Mitas website. Note that while Mitas prices generally go up this year, we’ve learned that the North American MSRP is supposed to stay the same for 2022, so that’s good news for all of us on a tighter budget.

Why pour foam?

Why run a foam, instead of a normal motorcycle tire tube? Simple: It’s much easier to manage, with little risk of a puncture. For more, check out rtwpaul’s interview with Mike from here. Lyndon Poskitt’s thoughts are here.

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