MotoGP, Scribano: “Compartment syndrome? No surgery as a means of prevention. “

Claudio Scribano is well known to motorcyclists because he has been with Jorge Lorenzo for a long time. MotoGP is not the only area in which Ragusa’s physiotherapist has worked, however. He worked on many champions in many sports, such as football (he was also on the Milan staff), basketball, golf and many more. Always engaged in research, he is also a university professor, and one of the best to inquire about what happens in motorcycling, with the problem of compartment syndrome becoming an enemy for many cyclists. A long list where Quartararo and Miller are just the latest cases.

Scribano begins by talking about Lorenzo.

I really like Jorge. Living with him was great», He remembers. “When I started working with him, he had already had surgery for compartment syndrome and had huge problems. His arm was in a pretty complicated situation. However, the years he spent with me he was never operated, because we worked on different aspects: balance, posture, harmonization. Mine was not psychological support, as some thought, but I was working on his body.

The physiotherapist believes that when a runner has to have surgery, a mistake has been made.

You do not have to reach Quartararo state, when the situation is this serious you have to intervene surgically,“he explained.”But you have to start working. No one should have surgery for compartment syndrome. It is not possible that a rider who wins a race has to lose so many places. You have to seriously think about these guys. You can’t make them all work because their forearms hurt. You have to think about it first.

And is it possible?

If you look at Jorge’s arm you would be amazed that he never stopped because of these issues“Said Claudio. “The reason is that he had competent people by his side. We have to work to avoid the problem. There are techniques for doing this. Postural assessment. The body should always be in harmony and elastic. We must find innovative methods.

Scribano no longer works in the world championship, but he cares about the riders.

I love these riders, these guys, who would do anything to get on the bike. They would even run with one foot. We have to look for solutions to avoid certain things. You should be careful. We need to talk about prevention. I am against intervention. This is not the right way,Is his opinion.

But what exactly is going on with compartment syndrome of the forearm?

It is a question of pressure. Bruising occurs inside the muscle, the capillaries break, then an edema is created which envelops the fascia which stick together, and there can also be serious consequences on the nerves, which are compressed., “he explained.”We have to talk about a global job. A massage is not enough. On a motorcycle, you have to think about what the bike is doing. Training is good, but you have to think differently. Everything must be done to avoid certain interventions. Regarding compartment syndrome, you must first work. “

Scribabo would like the system to change in light of what is going on.

The surgery is inconclusive. In fact, there are cases of relapses,” he pretends. “When you cut, you create scars and even microcalcifications. We need a change in the system, a pre-alarm, which comes even before prevention, to understand what is happening to these guys. We are talking about details, which allows you to win a race.

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