MotoGP rookie under pressure ‘has nothing to prove’

The South African is the most watched rookie after making the jump straight from Moto3 in 2022, backed by a reputation for riding too aggressively in the lightweight class.

Binder’s conduct was criticized by fellow rookie Remy Gardner in Qatar, with the Tech 3 rider saying Binder was a “disaster” in their battle for 15th place.

In the wet Indonesia GP, Binder came from 23rd on the grid to finish 10th in his first wet MotoGP race.

Asked if he felt that result helped prove some skeptics wrong, Binder said: “In the end I was fighting with the guys, but in no way did I feeling out of control or in any way dirty.

“The closest I got in touch was when my brother dived in and I got a little scared.

“But I felt like I was riding pretty well and I had to keep the Qatari stuff in mind, when I passed those guys I was like ‘Now is not the time to make stupid mistakes’ because there were a lot of big names that I was trying to pass and I was like ‘if I make a mistake, I’m still going to get nailed’.

“So that was definitely on my mind, but at the same time I feel like everyone was fighting hard and at the end of the day it’s a race.

“You try to do the best you can. I ran as hard as I could.

“As you said, it won’t be so easy to fight for good results, so I was trying to do my best.

“10th is better than nothing and I’m happy with the way things went.

“I really don’t have anything to prove to anyone, after all.

“I was given this opportunity and I’m trying to make the most of it, trying to do the best I can when I’m there.”

Brad Binder, Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Darryn Binder, RNF MotoGP Racing

Photo by: Gold and Goose/ Motorsport footage

Binder’s older brother Brad finished eighth ahead of the RNF rider on the factory KTM, which he said was “like a win” because his bike’s ride height device broke and meant that his RC16 was stuck in the down position.

“I’m a bit disappointed because I felt good all weekend, especially on the rain tires and after I started my ride height device, something happened,” said Brad Binder.

“Every time I braked it would come up, I would turn and go to brake and it would come back down.

“So I did the whole race with the ride height device fully lowered.

“And given that I finished eighth, I think it’s a win because if it was a dry race I couldn’t have done anything.”

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