MotoGP, Marini: “I’m going to ask Valentino to try this Ducati, it’s fantastic”

Luca Marini was impatiently awaiting Jerez’s trials. He’s always been a very analytical rider who likes to work on the details to take clear and concrete steps forward, but in his first season in MotoGP he couldn’t have a real winter testing season. This first session was therefore essential for him to work on the new Ducati that he currently has in the box, the 2021 specification, and also to acclimatize with the new team aligned by VR46.

Marini was able to work as he likes to do, discovering on the track a motorcycle not entirely different from the one used last season but with a whole new potential, thanks to the work carried out by the engineers of Borgo Panigale. Michele Pirro’s statements, who was curious to see Valentino Rossi try out this bike. A curiosity shared by Luca himself.

“I don’t know when this will happen, but I hope it will – were Marini’s words – I will definitely ask Vale to try the bike because it is fantastic. I think he would be surprised to try it. “

Have you been surprised by the step forward represented by the Ducati 2021?

“I wasn’t too surprised by the bike because this year I’ve always tried to follow the guys from the factory team. I’d say I knew the bike well from the outside! It’s better in a lot of small things, especially it’s easier when entering a turn and when you are at maximum inclination angle, they’ve done a lot of work in this area and in my opinion they’ve taken a big step forward. I don’t see any negative aspect to the 2019 bike, although I know there are a lot of little things to sort out but this is something about the setup for me rather than the bike, which has already been proven to work. very well with the other riders this year “.

The DNA is therefore the same as the 2019 bike …

“I can’t say that there is much difference. Only that with the old bike you reached a high level, but when the last 4 tenths were missing it was difficult. It seems to have better potential; I just have to figure out how to get the most out of it. I I can’t say it’s another bike, it’s still a Ducati but it has improved in areas where it needs to improve. I can only congratulate the engineers at Borgo Panigale who did a great job, for me it is a motorcycle masterpiece and the results have proven it. They won everything they could win except the runners title. “

How was the day in general?

“A very good day today. The new bike is great, I immediately felt good because it seems easier in all areas, although there are some things to sort out because it is very new and I will also have to work a little on my driving style to exploit its full potential. It was also a good day in the garage, with the new team that I feel good with. There are more people in the garage and it’s easier to do all the work. This year from that point of view it was difficult because my mechanics all had a lot of work to do and often they did not listen to my comments. I think this change will be important, I also felt a great energy between us. Very good feedback from everyone and that makes me happy ”.

You’ve formed a team from scratch basically, how are you feeling?

“I picked everyone I know well and they all live near Tavullia so it will be fun and easier to spend time with them even off the track. I wanted the best team possible and I think that I have it, I have a great relationship with everyone. My current telemetry guy is the same one I had in Moto2 and for me he is one of the best in the whole paddock. Of course, he has to understand a lot about MotoGP, which from an electronics point of view is just another world from Moto2. But he understands the driving style of each track very well and is able to give me a real helping hand to improve where I can. Then there is David who was the chief engineer of Valentino and who is a great person. I absolutely wanted to, and now we can work together. “

What kind of work have you done?

“I reworked on the ergonomics, on my workstation. With each test I take, I can improve myself from this point of view and this is important because this year I have hardly done any tests. Here, I can finally work as I want. In Sepang I will have to work on the pace of the race, I will do some distance simulations. Here it’s too early to do it, tomorrow we’ll be working on something else. There are a lot of little things to sort out before moving on. “

Today Bezzecchi was also on the track for the first time, have you spoken to him?

“I talked a bit with Marco today, we got around a lot and we didn’t meet until noon. He told me the usual things we say when we take the plunge, I know that ‘he works his position in the saddle a lot and I also know he is really happy and very energetic. “

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