MotoGP, Dovizioso: “Fortunately, it won’t be the 2022 motorcycle”

Fourteenth position for Andrea Dovizioso after the Portuguese Grand Prix is not exactly the goal the Italian had set for this race weekend. With a cool head however, the # 04 summed up his weekend in a positive way.

“Compared to previous race weekends I made some improvements – says Andrea – My running pace has improved since mid-GP. I reached a good speed for me, in practice I never managed to reach this pace. In my situation it is difficult and it takes time but I managed to overtake the other riders. The goal was to catch up with Valentino, he was always two or three places ahead of me. He kept Marini’s pace and left ”.

You decided to change the tires at the last minute and went from medium to hard in the back. Do you think that without this change the result could have been different?

“The temperature these days was different than it was here in April. So it was very difficult to decide which tire could be the right one. The potential of medium and hard was very similar. I think the choice depends a lot on the bike you are riding and its characteristics. I don’t know what I could have done with the medium ”.

Looking at what happened today in Moto3, what do you think of your future teammate? (Darryn Binder, ed.)

“I think what happened today is something you shouldn’t see, especially if there is a driver fighting for a world title. Of course, what he did was wrong. You have to be lucid and intelligent. It’s always difficult, everyone is always on the edge, I still think you have to stay calm in these situations. As for his jump in MotoGP, we’ll see. It’s a strange thing for a lot of people, but it’s a team decision. I think he has some good specs but I don’t know if they will be good enough for MotoGP. Very often expectations are created and then the opposite is achieved. The decision is made “.

Compared to yesterday, you are much more positive.

“We have to try to interpret what we do with the team and get the most out of it. Today I would have liked to be higher but the goal is to try to understand as much as possible. I don’t have a competitive package, luckily it won’t be next year’s bike. These days, I managed to improve a bit under braking and I confirmed it in the race. If you don’t work well during practice sessions, you pay for it in the race. For example, at Misano 2, having never driven on a dry track, I could not go fast. Today was not bad, let’s not forget that I was last in the second corner, little by little I managed to join the leading group. In my opinion, if you consider the pace I picked up, I did some good lap times ”.

In the end of season tests, do you confirm that you will test the new 2022 bike?

“I’m going to try the 2022 base. I don’t think it’s defined yet, I’m going to test new things and that will be the basis “.

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