MotoGP bans front ride height devices

Personal News Cycle | March 28, 2022

After a GP commission meeting attended by all six MotoGP manufacturers, it was decided by a 5-1 vote to ban front ride height devices for 2023.

Marc Marquez with his front locked out via a ride height device for a practice start. Starting devices will remain, but the front lowering system that works while driving will be banned from 2023.

Pioneered by Ducati, which unsurprisingly was the only one to vote for the continued use of the front ride height device in MotoGP, the system lowers the front of the bike when accelerating, but has been the target intense fire from some pilots who believe that the device causes more air. turbulence and thus makes overtaking more dangerous.

“At the Commission meeting held in Lusail on March 4, Grand Prix Commission delegates were asked to consider two alternative proposals on this matter,” said Dorna, the commercial rights holder of the MotoGP.

“Both were intended to prevent further performance improvements and increases in development costs. After reviewing the proposals, the following by-law was unanimously approved.

“The use of any device that alters or adjusts the front ground clearance of the motorcycle while it is in motion is prohibited. The Technical Director’s decision will be final in determining what constitutes a front ride height device; devices that only work once at the start of the race (i.e. “holeshot” devices) are permitted. NC

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