Harvard students hold campus rally in support of Ukraine – CBS Boston

CAMBRIDGE (CBS) — Hundreds of Harvard students rallied on campus Saturday in support of Ukraine and united in denouncing Russia’s invasion of the country this week.

They say Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine must end.

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Nika Ruzenko, a sophomore at Harvard, says her family is in danger. She shared with WBZ-TV a cellphone video of attacks outside her parents’ house.

“Currently, my parents are hiding in the basement with my older brother and his family, including my little nephew, because Kiev is constantly bombarded by Russian missiles,” Ruzenko said.

She is in constant communication with her family. Since the bombing began, she admits she hasn’t been able to concentrate on school.

“Whenever the sirens go off, they have to run away immediately,” Ruzenko said. “I just stopped going to college. And I’m so grateful to all of my friends here at Harvard who support me.

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Taisa Kuyak says her family had to flee Russian troops in 2014. Now it’s happening again.

“Hundreds of people are dying,” Kuyak said. “Buildings are bombed.”

Students from Harvard and MIT had the opportunity to speak at the rally and share their stories.

“Call your reps. Call them out and urge tougher penalties,” one speaker said. “We must supply more weapons and help Ukraine.”

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The rally was followed by a short march around campus and Ukrainian chanting.

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