Greenville community mobilizes against crypto installation

GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) – Members of the Greenville community and leaders of organizations met on Friday night to show their opposition to a cryptomining facility trying to gain a foothold in the city.

In October, residents of Pitt County in Belvoir spoke out against crypto company Compute North which is building a facility next to Belvoir Elementary School.

In November, Compute North withdrew its license application, but in a statement said: “… we remain optimistic about obtaining approval to begin construction of a new data center in the east of North Carolina, providing benefits to the local economy and the electricity grid. “

On December 21, the City of Greenville Planning and Zoning Commission voted to recommend changes to the city code that would allow a “modular data processing facility” and a “data center” as two uses. separate in the city where the facilities could be located.

WITN spoke with community members today who said the company is trying to gain approval to set up a facility near the community of Brookhaven in Greenville. Complaints from residents of Greenville are similar to those from residents of Belvoir just a few months ago.

They say they don’t want the noise levels the facility would cause, and they fear the destruction they think it would have on the environment.

“We want city council to vote no against the data mining company,” said Don Cavellini, co-chair of the Pitt County Coalition Against Racism.

Cavellini also told WITN that he is urging all members of the public to show up at the Greenville city council meeting on Thursday, Jan.13 to show their collective opposition to cryptomining when it is discussed.

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