F1-auto racing has “different rules for different people,” says Alonso

Two-time Formula One world champion Fernando Alonso suggested on Thursday that some drivers are treated differently from others when it comes to tracking behavior during races. The Spaniard told reporters at the Turkish Grand Prix that being asked about an incident in the previous race in Russia proved his point.

Alonso deliberately used the clearance zone at the first corner in Sochi to avoid a bottleneck and gain places through late braking, playing by the rules as he caught up behind the driver he had followed in the corner. He said he did it just to see the questions in Istanbul.

“When I do things, they have a different behavior and a different impact on the next event,” added the Alpine rider. “So now maybe they change the zone of relief in the first lap in the first two corners.”

He said others had behaved the same way without facing such questions and that he had been “the idiot on the track for most of the championship as I was outnumbered. outside the asphalt by many people in the first two races “. “And nothing happened, and there was no question about the next race. And now, after Sochi, there is a question, so it’s a confirmation.”

When asked what he meant by that, Alonso replied that it was a lot. “There are different rules for different people – or different discussions the next week for different people,” he explained.

“The next one who crosses the white line at the entrance to the pits, let’s see what nationality he is and what penalty he will get.” Race director Michael Masi was not immediately available for comment, but the ruling FIA said all rules and regulations apply to all drivers equally.

Alonso, in his return season after two years out of Formula 1, has already complained this year about the lack of action against others. “The strategy of the first races has not provided us with any solution, so we understand that the solution is to do what others are doing,” he said at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone in July.

“We’re trying to be fair and say to the referee, ‘Look, they’re playing with their hands in the penalty area.’ But if the referee doesn’t do anything, we understand that we can also play with our hands in the penalty area. So we do. “

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