Electric Skootr Championship set to start in 2022: MotoGP meets electric scooters

The world of motorsport is about to witness another thrilling series of racing. This time, not a car or a motorcycle, but scooters powered by electric powertrains. Called the electric skootr championship, it will be a racing championship involving these micro-mobility electric vehicles.

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A draft for runners is expected to be drafted in January 2022, with the identities of the first runners to be released shortly. For the first two seasons, the riders will be professional athletes from other sports. They are likely to be chosen from other motorsports like MotoGP or Formula E or from extreme sports like BMX or skating.

The theory behind this strategy is to have athletes already used to racing at a high pace, which will give the organizers enough time to review performance and safety measures first, before opening registrations for others. participants. Also, the organizers aim to make these events accessible to a large population, unlike Formula 1 or Formula E or MotoGP which are considered a sport for the rich.

Another interesting fact about this championship is that the events will be gender neutral for participation, with men and women racing together.

From 2023, a basic ecosystem for the championship will be put in place to try to create junior categories from which new talents can emerge.

Regarding the technical aspects of the championship, initially, there will be a single-brand formula for the participants. This means that all competitors will have to run with the same equipment.

The Eskootr S1-X is a custom designed racing scooter that should be used in this championship. This electric scooter is equipped with two 6 kW electric motors and a 1.5 kW battery. It can drive at a top speed of over 100 km / h. It has the ability to take turns with bank angles of up to 55 degrees and it runs on 6.5 inch wheels. The electric scooter is constructed of carbon fiber and a minimal body of natural flax fibers. Batteries and tires are also recyclable.

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