Dragon Ball super fans rally for Cooler to star in new movie

Dragon ball super lived his best life with his manga, but things have been calm on the anime front. The series has remained off the screen since Dragon Ball Super: Broly uploaded, but that will change for too long. It was announced this month that a new movie is in the works and netizens are rallying to have Cooler play in the movie.

For those who need a little background, it’s time to break things down. Dragon ball super confirmed last weekend that he was working on a new film and that the film had been in production for some time. While no release date is known, creator Akira Toriyama says the film will be ambitious with unique visuals and epic battles. So of course, fans were quick to ask for Cooler’s involvement.

After all, the antagonist debuted in a precedent Dragon ball film a bit like Broly before him. The latter was shot canon in his own movie, so fans think it’s about time Cooler was treated the same. After all, the villain has been a fan favorite for years, and his non-canon status has always rubbed internet users the wrong way.

Yes Dragon Ball Super: Broly spent time exploring the history of the Saiyans, this new film could do the same for the race of Freeza. This would give way to Cooler as he is Freeza’s older brother. The villain is as powerful as expected given his lineage, and his introduction to canon could make him even stronger. Golden Cooler is nothing short of a beast, so you can see why fans want to see Goku take on this villain for real.

What do you think of this pitch for Cooler? Who do you want to see The Dragon Ball Super movie? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or contact me on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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