Dovizioso agrees with Stoner on the MotoGP criticism: “We have a lot of electronics, a lot of aerodynamics …”

The subject that Casey Stoner broached in today’s conference is not really new, it has even been a topic of discussion in recent years by various riders, on the path that MotoGP is taking.

During his speech, Debreif Dovizioso confessed that he watched part of Stoner’s speech and said it was quite interesting and that he agreed with a lot of what the Aussie had said.

“I didn’t watch Casey’s entire press conference but I liked what I heard because he talked about the limits of the track and said what I’ve been saying for the last few years so there we we agree. He also talked about the regulations and again, I totally agree with Casey. Now it’s hard to have big battles on the track and a lot of overtaking because we have a lot of electronics, a lot of aerodynamics, a lot of stuff on the bike. Now we are trying to follow the other riders because it is very difficult to overtake.

“It’s normal for him to be outside and see these things. And his not good, because if you don’t start up front, you can’t fight for victory unless there is a strange situation. Now we have to approach the weekend in a completely different way. We have to be at the forefront from the first free practice, otherwise we will lose the race. It’s more about speed than strategy, because everyone is chasing each other. It’s good for the championship in the sense that everything is close and each time small things can cause big changes… but there is a big confusion. From the driver’s point of view, I don’t think it’s good for the championship.

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