Dakar Rally 2022 | Results Step 5: Riyadh

Today is the fifth stage of the Dakar Rally 2022. The route is a loop of 560 kilometers for motorcycles and quads, and 611 kilometers for other categories. The route begins and ends in the Saudi capital Riyadh.

Motorcycles Results

The motorcycles left before dawn. At 5.45 am, the first participants were at the start, this time accompanied by the cars, which started earlier than usual. Toby Price turned out to be the fastest man of the day, taking his first win of the day. Former MotoGP rider Danilo Petrucci, who rode with a broken ankle, followed just four minutes from the winner. Ross Branch completed the first three.

The complete top ten of motorcycles is as follows:

1. Toby Prize
2. Danilo Petrucci +4.14
3. Ross branch +4.16
4. José Ignacio Cornejo Florimo +4.19
5. Ricky Brabec +5.46
6. Mason Klein +7.35
7. Andrew Short +8.43
8. Kevin Benavides +8.46
9. Skyler Howes +10.37
10. Martin Michek +11.21

Car Results

Not only motorcycles but also cars started early today. The category started two hours earlier than usual and also started at 5:45 am, along with the motorcycles. Here, Henk Lategan closed the stage by being the fastest. He did so in front of Sébastien Loeb, who, with a second fastest time, is nearly three minutes ahead of the leader of the standings Nasser Al-Attiyah. The stage was not without problems for Lategan, who had to finish the last part of the stage with a door that could not be closed. However, that didn’t stop him from grabbing the win of the day.

The complete top ten cars are as follows:

1. Henk Lategan
2. Sébastien Loeb +1: 58
3. Lucio Alvarez +2.10
4. Mathieu Serradori +2.24
5. Guerlain Chichérit +2.29
6. Jakub Przygonski +2.59
7. Giniel de Villiers +3.20
8. Nasser Al-Attiyah +4.29
9. Orlando Terranova +4.53
10. Christiaan Visser +6.27

Quads results

No results known for the moment.

SSV results

No results known for the moment.

Truck Results

No results known for the moment.

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