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Steelstown manager Hugh McGrath has urged GAA supporters across the county to support his team in their Ulster Intermediate Championship quarter-final.

After beating Donegal’s Cloughaneely in a dramatic preliminary round match on Saturday, the Ógs will now face champions Monaghan Donaghmoyne at Celtic Park in a fortnight.

“Donaghmoyne is a good team. I’ve watched them twice now and they won’t pass up as many chances as Cloughaneely, ”said the man from Down.

“It’s great to have a home game at Celtic Park and it would be great if we could get as many people as possible to support us – I think this group deserves it.

“It’s been a long road since last year and I lost the final so the more days you have with great support the better.

“We have never had so many supporters in our own county, it has been our own group within the city, and it shows.

“The group is tight, it will always be tight, and we stay together. The more we see the clubs in the city stick together, the better.

“For years it was parish rivalry in the city, but it doesn’t have to be.

“We all compete on the same platform and the sooner we help each other and get everyone to the intermediate level to start, the better for football in the city.”

McGrath’s men dominated the game, but in their first round at Ulster intermediate football the nerves were certainly there, and without the crossbar in the dying seconds Ballyarnett’s men could have left the competition.

Neil Forester stalks his man on Saturday afternoon. Photo by Tommy Gallagher.

For the manager, the character displayed was not a surprise.

“It wouldn’t be a Steelstown game if we didn’t make it exciting for everyone in the stands. It’s difficult, ”he said.

“We were in uncharted territory here and we just had to see how the guys were reacting. The positive thing we got out of it was obviously the result.

“The performance was not what we wanted it to be, but I think when we got behind in the first half we showed our character again.

“I don’t think that should ever be questioned with this group. They showed what they are capable of.

“Even when they go behind they don’t panic – they just go through their process and make sure to come out on the right side of the score.

“We managed the entire first half maybe three or four minutes, but Cloughaneely is not Donegal champion and plays Division 1 football all year round for no reason.

“A certain manager from Derry warned me during the week that Cloughaneely were a very good team and that they would be very difficult to beat. He’s usually never too far off and he was absolutely right.

“There will always be a bite in a team like this and they have shown what they are capable of. I think we have also shown what we are capable of. We are able to dig deep, we have shown what our bench can do too.

“We have as many good players coming into the team as we started and for us that is positive.

“We have to build on it and take the next step. For us it was about getting a win in Ulster, the next step is two wins in Ulster and we’ll see where we go from there.

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