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Ironwood says goodbye to older bikes with their latest carb custom. We’ve also rounded up another fresh Triumph from Tamarit, a Zero with handcrafted bodywork, KTM’s new 450 Rally replica and a modern homage to the Ducati 750 Sport.

Honda GL500 customized by Ironwood
Honda GL500 by Ironwood Custom Motorcycles Arjan van den Boom is no stranger to these pages. He’s been making custom bikes since 2012 and has been pretty prolific, to say the least. What might surprise you is that you’re looking at the last carbureted bike that Arjan’s Amsterdam workshop, Ironwood Custom Motorcycles, will ever produce.

For older bikes, Arjan has partnered with Wyld Garage Co. in Arizona, which produces bikes in its original style to order. But Ironwood is moving away from its BMW boxer roots and into modern ICEs and electric motorcycles.

Honda GL500 customized by Ironwood
Arjan based his latest “vintage” build on a bike I know well: the Honda GL500. I started my motorcycling career with the GL’s poor brother, the CX500. I also modified my old CX, but definitely didn’t go as far as Ironwood.

Up front, they grafted on a Ducati Monster 1200 front end, with radial-mounted Brembo brakes. An LED headlight is cleverly attached to the forks, in front of a Honda CB750F fuel tank. The long and wide tank seems to have been a perfect choice, as it ends perfectly where the new rear subframe begins.

Honda GL500 customized by Ironwood
Speaking of which, the ugly OEM subframe is where most CX/GL-based builds break down—and it seems Arjan and the Ironwood crew share that opinion. Starting from scratch, the new subframe supports a very svelte leather seat, cantilevered over the rear. The exhaust is all new, and I like the way it ends behind the footpegs, highlighting the enclosed rear wheel.

Honda GL500 customized by Ironwood
Taking a back seat to customer work, this GL took two years to build at Ironwood. According to Arjan, the long-term investment paid off with improved aesthetics, a great soundtrack and an even better ride. [Ironwood Custom Motorcycles | Images by Paul van Mondfrans Lindén]

Triumph Bonneville customized by Tamarit Motorcycles
Triumph Bonneville by Tamarit Motorcycles The Tamarit team has been very busy. Hot on the heels of the bike we featured last week, here is another one of their spicy versions of the old carb-fueled Triumph Bonneville T100.

This Bonnie is much more to my liking in terms of style compared to the previous one. Tamarit calls it one of their “craziest bikes” and nicknamed it “Silenzio Bruna!” (Bonus points if you get the reference.) While the flat track-inspired design isn’t particularly extravagant, there are a few striking details.

Triumph Bonneville customized by Tamarit Motorcycles
I’m a sucker for gold wheels and metallic flake paint and Tamarit did a great job with both of those aspects. The blue paintwork against the brass-plated wheels is gorgeous, and there’s even more bling thanks to the number plates, finished in flake gold. The frame has been chromed and the engine cases have been polished to match.

Triumph Bonneville customized by Tamarit Motorcycles
The real centerpiece of the build is the monocoque tank and seat unit. The assembly is hydraulically assisted and lifts in one piece. Not only is it very impressive from an aesthetic point of view, but it must also be very practical when maintaining the bike.

The electronics have all been upgraded thanks to Motogadget, and the stock Bonneville cockpit has had some tweaks. The flat track bars are taller and wider than stock, and the mirrors, switches, throttle and grips are all new.

Triumph Bonneville customized by Tamarit Motorcycles
The gauge cluster has been replaced with a Motogadget Tiny speedometer, neatly tucked between the bar risers. The lighting is, of course, fully LED and the “headlight” hangs below the front license plate.

There are countless other details that I gloss over. And while the studio photos of the bike look great, I bet it would look next level parked in the sun with all that sparkle. [Tamarit Motorcycles]

Custom Zero SR/F by Bizarro Corp.
Zero SR/F by Bizarro Corp Got an all-electric Zero motorcycle, but think it needs some retro-futuristic fuel injection? Well, do we have any news for you? it is a creation of the same ilk.

Based on an all new Zero SR/F, Bizarro Corp has teamed up with Zero Motorcycles Madrid to create this special aero kit. Opening in 2014, Bizarro has recently moved away from fossil fuel motorcycles in favor of electric motorcycles.

Custom Zero SR/F by Bizarro Corp.
One of the best things about this kit (other than the looks) is that it’s completely interchangeable with the stock fairings and bodywork. This requirement was built into the brief, so Bizarro left much of the base bike below, focusing their efforts on hand-forming a complete set of aluminum bodies. With low bars and a wasp-shaped rear end, it all adds up to a very racy silhouette.

If this is for a race track, then consider it finished. Even though it would be quiet, unleashing 110hp and 190Nm of torque on an open track sounds like a lot of fun. [Bizarro Corp]

2023 KTM 450 Rally Replica
2023 KTM 450 Rally Replica The Dakar Rally is one of, if not the most difficult and physically demanding races on the planet. It is a grueling two-week event held at the start of each year, with competitors split into multiple categories. Limited to 450cc, the motorcycle category is largely dominated by a few brands, most of which fall under the KTM umbrella.

2023 KTM 450 Rally Replica
Over the past decade, KTM has won the top step of the Dakar podium eight times. Since 1979, they have won it 19 times. So to say KTM is successful in Dakar is an understatement.

Building on that success comes this: the 2023 KTM 450 Rally Replica. As the name suggests, this is a complete, ready-to-race Dakar bike, nearly identical to the winning machine used by the team. KTM Factory Racing Dakar. With only 70 units being built, this is a morbidly limited edition.

2023 KTM 450 Rally Replica
You get plenty of winning kits for the privilege though. This factory race bike comes with the same single fuel-injected 450cc chromoly frame, Pankl drivetrain and WP XACT suspension as the team bike. And you even get the same Akrapovič exhaust.

As a recent adventure bike owner, this stuff makes me weak in the knees. It could be because pedigree machines like this are beautiful in their own way. It could also be down to the price—KTM hasn’t revealed it yet, but last year’s iteration was $27,000. [More]

Replica Ducati 750 Sport by Crafton Atelier
L’Atelier Crafton Crafton 01 For this week’s speed read, I opened the first link Wes sent me and was greeted by this silver Ducati, built by Crafton Atelier. I had never seen the bike before, but I could tell it was based on a Ducati Scrambler. Still, it was oddly familiar—something about the lines and silhouette of the bike piqued my curiosity.

Replica Ducati 750 Sport by Crafton Atelier
I scrolled down to find that Crafton Atelier based their concept on one of my favorite bikes: the Ducati 750 Sport. The Crafton 01 is not a direct copy of the 750 Sport, rather it is a modern homage to the original design. And Crafton pulled it off incredibly well.

Using the Scrambler as a starting point, they designed a new aluminum tank, fitting it with a recessed filler cap. The tail is fiberglass, topped with a beautiful black leather saddle.

Replica Ducati 750 Sport by Crafton Atelier
The exhaust system is handmade, as is the electrical tray, neatly hidden under the new seat. This is balanced atop a new subframe – a huge improvement over the rather swoopy factory design.

Crafton also integrated the OEM seat latch into a new position under the electronics tray. Seems like a small detail, but I bet it’s welcome when it’s time to change the battery or repair any of the other electrical components.

Replica Ducati 750 Sport by Crafton Atelier
The lighting has been upgraded to LEDs and the original speedometer is integrated into a new headlight housing. This keeps the profile low and keeps the ECU happy by running everything through the stock group – ABS brake system included.

The Crafton 01 is one of the best Ducati Scrambler based customs I have ever seen. It’s elegantly understated, but again, so was the 750 Sport. [More]

The Prodrive P25 is a half-million dollar Subaru WRX restomod Sat, 25 Jun 2022 15:00:00 +0000

When Fountains of Wayne sang about their 1992 Subaru, we’re pretty sure it was a satire of musicians bragging about their Maybachs and Rolls Royces. But now, 30 years after the Impreza’s launch, some first-generation examples are worth just as much as those fashionable brands. From versions never sold in America like the 22B to old WRC rally cars, the best Imprezas have already sold for low six-figure prices.

So, apparently, the time is right for a $564,000 Impreza WRX restomod in the vein of a Porsche Singer or one of those 400-hp V12 E-Type Jags. But reflexively exclaiming, “Half a million dollars for a Subaru!?” would miss the point. The Prodrive P25 comes from a company known for its engineering and craftsmanship. After all, Prodrive helped get Imprezas into WRC championship cars in the first place, not to mention creating other legends like the Paris-Dakar Rally Raid 959 for Porsche and the Bastos E30 M3 rally car for BMW.

Every Prodrive P25 starts life as a 2-door Impreza WRX. Beneath the signature blue paint job, however, all major body panels – hood, trunk, roof, sills, fenders, rear quarter panels, bumpers, fender and mirrors – are formed from carbon composites, giving weight empty of only 1,200 kg (2,645 pounds).

Under the hood hides a 2.5-liter Subaru boxer that generates 400 horsepower and 443 lb-ft of torque. Between a new airbox and Akrapovič titanium and stainless steel exhaust sits an upgraded intercooler, Garrett turbochargers and built-in internals including new cylinder sleeves, pistons, connecting rods and valves with variable cam timing.

Instead of a conventional 5-speed transmission, the P25 uses a 6-speed semi-automatic paddle-shift gearbox with helical-cut gears that can change gears in just 80 milliseconds, according to Prodrive. They also added a WRC-style launch control, floor-mounted crankset. and anti-lag, returning a 0-62 time of less than 3.5 seconds.

The AWD system now has an active center differential with limited-slip differentials between the two sets of wheels. New aluminum struts with 2-way adjustable Bilstein shocks and camber adjustment plates make up the suspension. bring the 19-inch gray rims and Potenza Bridgestone 235/35/19 stationary are 15-inch ventilated discs mated to 6-piston calipers. The rears get vented 14.8-inch discs with 4-pot clamps.

Prodrive says the interior recreates the aura of a late 1990s Impreza, but upgraded with leather, alcantara and carbon throughout. Buyers have a choice of rear seats or a partial roll cage to complement the front racing bucket seats.

“The iconic blue Subarus brings back memories of an extraordinary era in the WRC and it was the Impreza 22B that brought the performance of this rally car to the road. By reimagining this car using the latest technologies and materials, the Prodrive P25 pays homage to its roots and there will be nothing else able to match its performance on the road,” Prodrive chairman David Richards said in a statement. “So I think we’ve achieved our vision of creating our own modern interpretation of the most iconic Subaru Impreza of all time.”

Prodrive will only build 25, although the name P25 comes from the number of years since Subaru won its three consecutive WRC titles from 1995 to 1997. In any case, it’s not a lot. So if you want heart-pounding performance from a true race-engineered workshop with the secret good looks of an unassuming ’90s Subaru, this is your ticket. Just add, as Wayne’s song says, a Greenpeace sticker to the back.

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An Ex-Works Nissan Patrol Repsol Paris-Dakar Rally Racer Fri, 24 Jun 2022 10:30:40 +0000

This is a 1989 Nissan Patrol “Repsol” 4×4 from the factory, it was prepared by the Nissan Spain team to participate in events such as the Paris-Dakar Rally, the Baja 1000, the Rally Pharaohs, etc.

It is currently offered for sale outside Spain, it features a 275hp engine, reinforced chassis, improved suspension and lightweight composite body panels. The current asking price is £25,000, which equates to around US$30,600.

Quick Facts – Ex-Works Nissan Patrol Repsol

  • The Nissan Patrol has a long and storied history in the world of rally raid racing, the Paris-Dakar in particular, a race it first entered as a works team in 1987 – winning the category diesel on its first attempt.
  • The Patrol had surprised many when it won the diesel class at the Tunis Rally, Baja Aragón and Raid Pharaons a year earlier in 1986. Those races were supposed to be shakedown tests and no one really expected that they win all three.
  • Some privateers had prepared and piloted off-road patrols in previous years, notably André Dessoude, who created the Dessoude team from his Nissan dealership in Spain and participated in the Dakar in 1982.
  • The vehicle you see here is the ex-factory 1989 Nissan Patrol, it has been professionally prepared for rally raid competition, and is now offered for sale as a restoration project.

The Nissan Patrol

The first Nissan Patrol (4W60) was built in 1951, it was essentially a Japanese copy of the Willys Jeep (as was the first Toyota Land Cruiser), and it would remain in production until 1960.

Video above: This short film briefly looks back on the 1989 Paris-Dakar Rally, including images of the cars and motorcycles that took part.

The second-generation Nissan Patrol was where the model line really found its feet and began to establish its own unique identity. Exports began to Australia, followed by Canada, the United States and many other global markets.

Known as the Series 60, the second generation Patrol was offered in three wheelbase lengths, short, long and super long, but there was only one engine choice – the gasoline inline-six. of 4.0 liters, known as the “P engine” for “Patrol.”

It was the Series 60 Patrols that truly established the reputation that the model still enjoys today. The third generation Patrol arrived in 1980, offering significant improvements in size, engine and body options, styling and comfort.

Nissan now produces the sixth generation Patrol, it is a key competitor in many global markets for the Toyota Land Cruiser, and current special versions include the Patrol Desert Edition and Patrol Nismo.

Description of the imageClearly this Patrol will require restoration before any racing attempt, but with the new Dakar Classic class it would make for a very competitive package.

The Repsol Ex-Works Nissan Patrol shown here

The Patrol you see here was built by the Nissan Spain team for their international rally raid campaign, including the Paris-Dakar Rally, Baja 1000, Pharaohs Rally, and more.

Spain and the Nissan Patrol have a long history together, the Japanese automaker opened a factory to build Patrols in Spain in the early 1980s, with the first rolling off the production line in 1983.

This Patrol features a motorsport-prepared 4.2-liter straight-six that’s supposed to be good for 275bhp when running. The vehicle also features a special reinforced chassis, coil spring front suspension, KYB adjustable shocks with remote reservoirs and lightweight composite body panels.

It is now offered for sale as a restoration project, given the growing popularity of classic four wheel drive and the new Dakar Classic class which allows eligible vintage racers to compete in the modern Dakar, this Patrol could be an excellent project for the right person. .

If you want to know more about it or inquire about the possibility of making an offer, you can consult the list here on Car & Classic.

*Editor’s Note: Most of the images used in this article are lower resolution than we would normally use on Silodrome. We have made an exception here due to the special nature of this vehicle.

Nissan Patrol Dakar 4
Nissan Patrol Dakar 6
Nissan Patrol Dakar 7
Nissan Patrol Dakar 3
Nissan Patrol Dakar 2

**Editor’s note: The images below are not of the specific patrol shown here, they are images of very similar vehicles for reference.

Nissan Patrol Dakar 10
Nissan Patrol Dakar 9
Nissan Patrol Dakar 8
Nissan Patrol Dakar 1

Images courtesy of Car & Classic

Nissan Patrol Dakar ]]> KTM 450 Rally Replica back to dominate the dirt in 2023 Wed, 22 Jun 2022 17:10:00 +0000

Rally-inspired styling is the current trend in the adventure bike market. Competitors such as the Yamaha Tenere 700, Aprilia Tuareg 660 and Ducati DesertX rely on this rally adjacency to bolster their off-road prowess. However, KTM’s 450 Rally Replica doesn’t just dress the part, it has the CV to back up those looks.

A Dakar Rally victory may have eluded the Austrian brand since 2019, but Matthias Walkner, Sam Sunderland and Toby Price have still claimed the last three off-road world rally championships aboard the 450 Rally. The 2023 KTM 450 Rally Replica builds on that racing and title platform by retaining the same compact Chromoly steel frame and Pankl drivetrain used by the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing team.

Team Orange’s 449cc SOHC fuel-injected single-cylinder engine nestles perfectly into this racing frame, and a standard Akrapovič exhaust system sharpens factory power pulses and centralizes mass. The Keihin engine management system, 44mm throttle body and Twin Air filter work together to optimize performance. KTM even tuned the ECU maps for maximum punch while retaining the smooth throttle application of the 450 Rally Replica.

With a 48mm closed-cartridge WP XACT PRO fork up front and a fully adjustable WP XACT PRO shock at the rear, the special-edition model is ready to tackle the toughest terrain. To aid in these campaigns, KTM tunes the cast-aluminum swingarm for the ideal flex characteristics, while the linkage system benefits from stability and bottoming resistance.

Based on feedback from elite rally drivers, the design team designed a cockpit that distinguishes between comfort and performance. The bike’s narrow midsection, ergonomic contact points and carbon fiber navigation tower make life in the saddle and on the pegs a lot easier.

As 450 Rally Replicas are rendered, KTM will limit production to just 70 units. The Ready to Race brand has yet to announce pricing or availability, but we can expect MSRP to hover around the €25,900 (US$30,986) MSRP of the 2022 model. Whether you’re a privateer racer or an ardent backcountry explorer, the 2023 KTM 450 Rally Replica doesn’t just have the rally looks, it also has the rally capability to dominate the dirt.

KAMAZ-master continues rally raid program despite invasion fallout Mon, 20 Jun 2022 16:11:42 +0000

Russian team KAMAZ-Master is the master of Dakar Rally Trucks, having won the rally raid category nineteen times, including every year except two since 2009; in January, the team swept the top four places in the Rally. However, since his country’s invasion of Ukraine, the organization has also suffered its share of the consequences when foreign sponsors withdrew.

KAMAZ-master is the racing division of the truck manufacturer KAMAZ (Kama Automobile Plant), which is partly owned by state-owned companies and supplies vehicles such as personnel carriers to the Russian Armed Forces. Since the parent company was deeply involved in Russia’s so-called “special military operation”, it was subject to international sanctions which weighed on its finances; according to the CEO Sergei Kogogin At last week’s St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, the company is looking to boost domestic sales of its consumer trucks to offset a lack of outside investment and declining exports, most of which are destined for eastern states. former Soviet Union.

The ramifications of the invasion have prompted KAMAZ-master to rethink its business model since winning the 2022 Rally. The team has put some of its race vehicles up for sale, the cheapest being a 2004 KAMAZ-4911 which won three both the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge for 8.2 million rubles (€141,203.71 at the time of publication of this article) and the most expensive a newly built KAMAZ-43509 worth ₽60 million (1,033,197, €87); a 2007 KAMAZ-4326 with Dakar experience went for ₽10.4 million (€179,087.63). Team manager Vladimir Chaginseven-time Dakar champion, told Match TV in May that the development of his KAMAZ K5 had to rely on substitute products produced in-house. Gazproma state-owned energy company, worked with the team to build new trucks powered by a mixture of gasoline and diesel, a fuel source that was added to the 4,326 sold.

Trucks from KAMAZ-master notably no longer have Red Bull sponsorship adorning them as the energy drink company withdrew its support. As such, the team’s budget is more dependent on its parent. Despite the loss of outside sponsors, Chagin explained that the team still has a relationship with them and “I hope that this partnership will be revived in the near future.”

Although the team still competes in domestic events, external competitions such as the 2023 Dakar Rally are unknown. In March, the FIA ​​banned Russian drivers and teams from competing under their country’s flag and using a neutral license instead, while FIA-sanctioned events could not be held in the country. The same sanction was meted out to Belarus, an ally of Russia which allowed Russian troops to enter Ukraine on its side of the border; Western sanctions would have prevented the Belarusian truck team MAZ-Sportauto (a factory team for the affected Minsk Automobile Plant) from the competition in Dakar. Russian Formula 1 driver Nikita Mazepinwho lost his seat following the invasion and was also sanctioned, has since switched to off-roading.

With few international options, KAMAZ-master is currently focusing on the Silk Road Rallywhich is part of the non-FIA All-Terrain Rally Championship of Russia, from July 6 to 16. The team will field four entries as in Dakar Edward Nikolaev and Dmitry Sotnikov driver KAMAZ-435091 while Andrei Karginov is in a 43509. In Anton Chibalovthe place will be Sergei Kuprianov, who drives the gasoline/diesel hybrid truck. With the exception of 2011, KAMAZ has won every edition of the rally.

“Whether we are admitted to Dakar does not depend on us”, Kogogin told SPIEF. “It is better not to be excessively optimistic now. There is the example of MAZ. So there is no point in discussing with the organizers at this stage.

“There is the Silk Road. KAMAZ-master is in stable condition and is working on vehicle upgrades. The company does not intend to limit the team. It is impossible to abandon the team created for decades.

The widely condemned Russian invasion of Ukraine is currently in its fourth month. The Automobile Federation of Ukraine suspended all motorsport events under his supervision at the end of May.

585-hp Mercedes-AMG G63 4×4 boxy beast will be the last of its kind Sat, 18 Jun 2022 20:30:00 +0000

Mercedes-Benz have announced a new version of their premium all-terrain vehicle, the G-Class. The news broke this week via their members-only website – “The G-Class Private Lounge”. The new Mercedes-AMG G63 4×4 Squared will be a limited edition. Mercedes hints that this version will probably be the “end of range” for the petrol model. End of an era that lasted more than forty years, for the military-inspired SUV. And replace it with an all-new all-electric EQG model in 2024.

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2023 Mercedes-AMG G 63 Squared: What to expect

This new Mercedes-AMG G 63 4×4 Squared is based on the last generation model. However, it will get the same engine as its predecessor, a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 from AMG. But instead of 416 hp, it gets a whopping 585. Mercedes has yet to release performance numbers for the new G63, but with 627 pounds of torque, we have high expectations.

The appearance of the SUV has also improved. The G63’s new 4×4 Squared treatment has wider fenders, 22-inch wheels with rugged all-terrain tires, a roof-mounted spoiler with driving lights and 40 different paint colors to choose from. Carbon fiber is highly visible, covering the door scuff strips, spare wheel carrier cover, wheel arches and roof-mounted spoiler. Inside there is fiber on the doors, the center console and around the dashboard

Mercedes introduced more luxury, with a digital rear-view mirror, ambient lighting on the air vents, a revised digital cockpit and Nappa leather with diamond stitching on the seats. The interior is as you would expect, highly customizable. You can get many different combinations and embellish it with really high-end finishes.

They also improved the off-road capabilities of the G. It benefits from permanent four-wheel drive, portal axles and independent suspension. It now sits 13.8 inches off the ground, and when it comes to wading through water, it can negotiate depths of up to 35.8 inches. Which makes it one of the most capable 4x4s in Mercedes’ SUV range.

The automaker has yet to release pricing information for the new Mercedes-AMG G 63 4×4 Squared. But due to its limited numbers and “End of Line” appeal, collectors and “G” enthusiasts will likely have to shell out around $250,000 for one when it rolls off the production line next year.

The G-Class: from battlefields to luxury garages

In the early 1970s, the Shah of Iran was a shareholder in Mercedes. He inspired them to build a serious all-terrain vehicle and target it in the global military market. Daimler-Benz agreed and did the design and engineering work for what they affectionately called the “G-Wagon”. They partnered with an Austrian company called Steyr-Daimler-Puch, which did the production and testing.

In 1973, the first prototype was rigorously tested in the extreme conditions of the Sahara Desert. They also put the new 4×4 through its paces in the harsh German coalfields and used the Arctic Circle as a testing ground.

The first production models were assembled by hand in Graz, Austria in 1975. Five years later, the Vatican purchased one with a special thermoplastic top, for none other than the pope himself. Yes, the Pope owned a G-wagon.

And in 1981, the Model 461 entered active military service for the first time. The Argentine army used them during the Falklands conflict. During its distinguished military career, the G-class served in 63 armies. And NATO still has an order book for that, which runs until 2025.

It wasn’t long before Mercedes began to attract the interest of a wider, adventure-seeking audience. Serious off-roaders like the “G” were becoming fashionable. The stripped army truck suddenly starts having a lot of new refineries, like; air conditioning, an auxiliary fuel tank, comfortable seats, a decent sound system and, in the mid-80s, centrally locked doors.

In 1983, a G-Class won first prize in the Paris-Dakar rally. This boosted production numbers. And by 1986, Mercedes had rolled out 50,000 of the square SUVs. After a bunch of facelifts, the introduction of an all-wheel-drive system and ABS, the G-Class was taking serious steps towards mainstream motoring.

In the mid-1990s, Mercedes saw Land Rover’s success with its flagship SUV, the Range Rover, and the new and growing audience of ultra-luxury SUV buyers. So, in response, the “G” got even more refinement. Cruise control, disc brakes, airbags, premium leather seats and some cool paint jobs.

In 2004, Mercedes was struggling to complete the British brand. Thus, they entrusted the G-Class to their in-house tuning organization, AMG. And this is where things got really interesting. AMG installed 5.4, 5.5 and 6.1 liter V8s, with biturbos and superchargers. And worked their magic, adding lots of chrome, body-colored bumpers, big alloy wheels and high-tech control systems. That’s when the competition and the rest of the automotive world sat up and took notice.

Today, the Mercedes G-Class is still in production and it is one of the company’s oldest models. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Kim Kardashian are big fans of this car.

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The future of the G-Wagen is electric

Here is a statement from Dr. Emmerich Schiller, Managing Director of Mercedes-Benz G GmbH and Head of the Off-Road Vehicle Products Division at Mercedes-Benz AG: “We are proud of the more than 400,000 ‘G’s we have produced at this day. its more than 40-year model history, the G-Class has always used the most modern and time-appropriate drive technology – from the pre-chambered naturally aspirated diesel of the early days to the 4.0-litre AMG V8 in the current top model, the G63. In the context of our ‘electric only’ strategy, the electrification of this off-road legend is simply the logical next step – and an absolutely fascinating project. Our icon is and remains “stronger than time” in every way.”

Mercedes describes the new 4×4 Squared model as the “last of its kind”. And there are rumors they may have an interim 800-hp plug-in hybrid model on the way, before the all-electric EQG hits the streets in 2024.

Senegalese police surround opposition leader’s home following call for protest | The Guardian Nigeria News Fri, 17 Jun 2022 13:53:00 +0000

Senegalese police have blocked access to the home of opposition leader Ousmane Sonko after he called for protests on Friday, as the country is gripped by pre-election tensions.

Roads leading to Sonko’s home in an upscale district of the capital Dakar were closed off by barricades and police in riot gear, and supporters who tried to approach the building were urged to turn back. turn, noted AFP journalists.

Sonko had called for demonstrations on Friday to protest the decision to ban a list of candidates for Senegal’s July 31 legislative elections – a move that also bars him and other opposition figures from running in the ballot.

Sonko and his allies vowed to continue the demonstration on Friday, despite the ban on the gathering announced by the prefect for reasons of public order.

“The demonstration has started, it will take place,” Ousseynou Ly, spokesman for Sonko’s PASTEF party, told AFP.

Some personalities have called for dialogue, recalling the violence that erupted last March, killing around ten people, after Sonko was accused of sexual assault.

The list of candidates, presented by an opposition coalition called Yewwi Askan Wi, was removed by order of the Interior Ministry for technical reasons.

One of the names on the list had accidentally been listed as both a first-choice candidate and an alternate candidate.

The country’s highest court, the Constitutional Council, upheld the ministry’s decision.

Senegal has long had a reputation as a beacon of stability in West Africa, where political turbulence is common.

The legislature has 165 seats. Of these, 53 are chosen on the basis of national lists and 97 on the basis of a majority vote of the departments of the country, while 15 are chosen by the Senegalese diaspora.

The list ban on Yewwi Askan Wi applies specifically to first-choice candidates for seats contested by national lists. The coalition can still compete using alternate candidates.

Sonko says the bar is the result of political interference, a charge denied by the government.

Two other prominent opponents of President Macky Sall – former mayor of Dakar Khalifa Sall, who is not related to the head of state, and former minister Karim Wade, son of an ex-president – have seen their political career truncated by court cases.

GasGas 400cc adventure bike spotted in a test Mon, 13 Jun 2022 11:39:44 +0000

The brand, owned by KTM parent company Pierer Mobility, appears to be working on a road-legal 400cc dual-sport single cylinder modeled after the Dakar machines.

The next GasGas adventure bike will sport an all-new 400cc single-cylinder engine

develop See the pictures

The next GasGas adventure bike will sport an all-new 400cc single-cylinder engine

A spy photo of the new Dakar-inspired single-cylinder adventure bike first surfaced a few weeks ago and was initially thought to be a tougher rally version of the KTM 390 Adventure. But more details have now emerged, pointing to the possibility that this new bike might not be a KTM after all. The new bike will not be powered by the 373cc engine from the KTM 390 Adventure, but by an all-new liquid-cooled 399cc single-cylinder engine developed by KTM. And the production bike will likely be a road-legal GasGas model, inspired by 400cc Dakar racers.

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The new bike is set to be introduced in production form in 2024 and could even spawn a range of new Supermoto and enduro variants, ranging from 125cc to 700cc. The new 399cc engine is set to be introduced in the next generation 390 Duke, due in 2023, and will also likely find its way to Husqvarna models in the same segment, including a new Husqvarna Norden 401 adventure bike. are likely to be slightly higher than the 373cc unit’s 43bhp at 9000rpm and 37Nm at 7000rpm,


The new bike is expected to be introduced as a GasGas product line and will be based on a new 400cc single-cylinder engine, which will also be used in the next generation KTM 390 Duke or KTM 400 Duke.

The new GasGas bike will use KTM-owned WP suspension front and rear, along with Indian-made ByBre brakes. The bike will roll on a combination of 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wire-spoke wheels shod in chunky, all-terrain capable knobby tires. The instrument console seen on the prototype appears to be similar to that of the current KTM 390 Adventure, so there could be a few parts shared between sister brands, including the KTM-style tubular treel unit on the GasGas.


The next GasGas 400cc adventure bike will be based on a new 400cc single-cylinder engine with a design inspired by KTM’s Dakar race machines.


The next GasGas adventure bike is expected to be the first model with the new 399cc engine, but it could make way for next-generation KTM and Husqvarna models to be introduced in India. What will be interesting to know is if Pierer will think of introducing the GasGas brand in India? At present, this does not appear to be a possibility, considering that GasGas has no brand recalls in India.

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5 Motorcycles We Wish Were Sold In India – Yamaha Tenere 700 To Kawasaki ZX-25R Sun, 12 Jun 2022 05:26:47 +0000

The grass is greener on the other side, however, when it comes to motorcycles, that’s absolutely true. Here are five motorcycles we want to be on sale in India.

Four wheels move the body and two wheels move the soul – every motorcycle enthusiast knows that. With the number of performance motorcycles sold in India ranging from Japanese manufacturers to the elusive European ones, money can buy some of the best liter class motorcycles and above in India. Nothing beats the feeling of wind in your face from riding a powerful motorcycle.

However, experienced motorcyclists know that the sweet spot for enjoying a motorcycle on the road is a mid-range motorcycle, with usable power. This is one of the reasons why motorcycles between 500 and 900 cc are popular all over the world.

India has not seen many in this segment over the years due to a law banning motorcycles of this displacement to help Indian manufacturers grow. Individual imports were allowed and companies could import them via a CKD route and assemble them here. Either way, the taxes added up and the final price fell within reach of larger liter-class bikes, and sometimes, above them.

This is the reason why many 600cc sport bikes in India such as CBR600R, YZF-R6 and GSX-R600 are rarely spotted in India, and most of them are gray market bikes. However, enthusiasts will be happy if the following 5 motorcycles come to India and at a reasonable price.

Yamaha YZF-R6

The Yamaha YZF-R6 or simply the R6 needs no introduction. Introduced in 1999 and in production until 2020, the R6 has won numerous races around the world in different formats. Since 2021, the Yamaha R6 has been limited to a race-only specification in most global markets, allowing other brands to make a name for themselves in motorcycle racing.

When introduced in 1999, the R6 was the first production 600cc motorcycle to produce 100 horsepower in stock form. Over the years the R6 has evolved with technologies such as fuel injection, and the 2007-2008 model saw the R6 produce a whopping 127 hp from stock. The other reason the R6 is famous is not how it revs, but how much it revs down to -14,000 rpm!

Kawasaki ZX-25R

kawasaki zx 25r

Coming back to something with usable power, enthusiasts will be happy if Kawasaki releases the ZX-25R in India. Don’t be fooled by the “25” as the Kawasaki ZX-25R is the only four-cylinder motorcycle in the quarter-litre class and the engine puts out 43 bhp.

The Kawasaki ZX-25R is identical to its liter-class counterpart, the ZX-10R, and features traction control, adjustable Showa USD forks, two power modes, underbelly exhaust, a WSBK derived chassis and a standard quick shifter. The sad news is that Kawasaki may never bring the ZX-25R to India as it will be impossible to price it competitively in the segment.

KTM Adventure R-Series

ktm 1290 super adventure r

The adventure motorcycle segment is getting popular and brands like BMW, Honda and Triumph already have their adventure models on sale in India. The biggest name missing from this line is KTM, known for their Adventure models, more specifically the Adventure R models such as the 890, 1090 and 1290.

KTM gave India a taste of the stunning KTM 790 Duke which was all picked up, but that was it. The 790 Adventure never made it here and it looks like Kike KTM has no plans with the 890 either. The larger displacement bikes will rival the Honda Africa Twin, BMW GS 1250 and Triumph Tiger 1200 recently launched, but if KTM brings the 890 here, it will be a usable bike.

Honda CRF 300 Rally

honda crf 300 rally

When it comes to adventure bikes, the Honda CRF 300 Rally strikes the perfect balance for an everyday usable adventure bike. The CRF 300 Rally draws its design from the proven Dakar Rally motorcycles with a large fairing to deflect the wind.

The motorcycle is powered by a liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine that develops 28hp and 26Nm of torque using a 6-speed gearbox. The CRF 300 Rally is a good dual-sport bike with a small-capacity engine and long-travel suspension that won’t intimidate riders, but with the ability to go anywhere. It would be a great bike if Honda could fix it properly.

Suzuki SV650

suzuki sv 650

Talk to any experienced Suzuki SV650 rider and they will have nothing but praise for the bike. The SV650 is sold in select global markets and has the right aspects to make it an everyday bike and a weekend getaway bike.

It is built on a thin and light chassis, receives a 645 cc 72 hp V-twin engine, a 6-speed gearbox, ABS, and that’s it! It’s a return to basics with the SV650 which makes it an excellent motorcycle. Oh, and reliability – it’s like the Toyota Corolla in the motorcycle world, it runs smoothly.

Honorable Mention: Yamaha Tenere 700

yamaha tenere 700

The Yamaha Tenere 700 when it was first shown as a concept a few years ago in 2017 left adventure riders wanting Yamaha to put it into production immediately. Finally, Yamaha did just that and the result was a bigger, more powerful Dakar rally bike that could be used on the road and anywhere in between.

The Yamaha Tenere 700 or T7 takes riders back to basics with a usable 71hp twin and no computer to assist riders making it a favorite.

Mitsubishi abandons cars. Here’s why it’s a bad move Fri, 10 Jun 2022 03:03:08 +0000

Mitsubishi Motors has been in decline for years, but they seem to be making one bad decision after another.

First, they ditched the Lancer Evolution, their “halo car” and one of the most beloved affordable performance cars ever made. Then they ditched the Pajero, their incredible 4×4 Dakar Rally conqueror. Now Mitsubishi Australia is ditching its passenger car range altogether in what looks like another baffling move from a brand that’s on the ropes.

“We think passenger cars are a thing of the past,” said Mitsubishi Motors Australia boss Shaun Westcott. Cars Guide earlier this week as the big brand announced there would be no successor to the Lancer sedan or Mirage sedan (currently Australia’s cheapest new car) offered Down Under. Instead, Mitsubishi will focus on SUVs.

Westcott suggested the Lancer nameplate might return – but most likely on an SUV, like how they slapped the Eclipse name on the Eclipse Cross or the Pajero name on the Pajero Sport.

“The Lancer is a valuable nameplate, we will keep the Lancer, but we are unlikely to see any passenger cars in the future…

“I just think they’re dead, and it’s not just Mitsubishi… Just look at the market, look at the trends, the world has moved past that.”

Shaun Westcott

A Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X in its element on rally in New Zealand. The Evo X was the latest generation of the popular performance car. Image: Wairarapa Rally

But is Westcott right? Are passenger cars really dead or is Mistubishi Australia wrong? Is it just pirouette, justifying sales in difficulty and average products?

While Mitsubishi continues to produce some really decent vehicles such as the Triton ute (which is one of the best available in Australia right now) and the Outlander PHEV, there is a broad consumer perception that the brand’s offerings in the West are a bit boring and unrefined. .

There’s no denying that the big thing in cars over the past two decades has been SUVs (and in Australia, double-cab utility vehicles) – and demand for these types of vehicles remains incredibly strong – but as technology electric vehicles are becoming more mainstream, there’s a good chance we’ll see a return to hatchbacks and sedans.

The “skateboard” battery structure of purpose-built electric vehicles tends to suit sedans and hatchbacks better than high-driving SUVs. Indeed, one only has to look at some of the best electric cars in Australia and around the world to see that it is electric vehicles that resonate with consumers: the Nissan Leaf, the Tesla Model 3, Hyundai’s Ioniq models…

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It’s also a bizarre thing for Westcott to say then that many of Mitsubishi’s best-selling cars worldwide are indeed small passenger vehicles, like the eK kei car – but that’s a whole other story…

The Polestar 2. Its unique, “high-rise sedan” body style shows how vehicle design is changing and that there is still a strong demand for passenger cars. Picture: Polestar

Mitsubishi’s decision to abandon the performance/enthusiast market is also a shame and could be to blame. some of their sales issues. Sure, most car brands don’t tend to make a lot of money selling these kinds of cars, but the halo effect means a lot… And there’s always a lot of demand for fast touring cars .

Think about it: why do other affordable Japanese brands like Nissan, Toyota and Subaru, Mitsubishi’s rally rival, continue to invest in new enthusiast vehicles?

And that’s just a fact: SUVs are a lower starting point for performance models than traditional passenger cars, so if that’s all you have, you’ll suffer. As Sale of carsEditor Mike Sinclair told DMARGE: “SUVs aren’t as capable by nature…In the end, a lighter, lower hatchback will always outperform a more capable SUV.”

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To some extent, it’s a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation. Either invest big bucks in enthusiast vehicles (which are expensive to develop) for dodgy returns, or stop making them and your brand image suffers.

We guess you could make the same argument for passenger cars as well, although at least SUVs, crossovers, SUVs and utility vehicles continue to sell very well.

The Mitsubishi Triton, Mitsubishi’s best-selling model in Australia. The popularity of double cab 4x4s has supplanted traditional 4x4s like the Pajero. Image: Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi isn’t the only car brand trying to ditch passenger cars in favor of an SUV-only or Down Under-dominated range. Ford Australia, for example, only offers performance variants of the Fiesta and Focus, both of which are in danger of being phased out here – leaving only the Mustang, which isn’t really a passenger car, as the only traditional car in their range.

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Our opinion ? SUVs and crossovers will continue to dominate Australian roads for at least another decade, but as electric vehicles become more mainstream, we could see traditional passenger cars like hatchbacks and hatchbacks make a comeback.

Plus, as our cities get more congested and fuel gets more expensive, we might see punters ditching their big, bulky SUVs for smaller, more fuel-efficient passenger cars… Watch this space, we say.

While we’re here reminiscing about the glory days of Mitsubishi… Watch our 60-second story of the Mitsubishi Pajero below.

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