Bowe reiterates his support for TCM

John Bowe. Photo: Australian Racing Group

John Bowe reiterated his support for the Gulf Western Oils Touring Car Masters amid the series’ recent drama.

TCM is currently without a Category Administrator or Technical Advisor following the resignation of Paul Taylor earlier this month, as revealed by

The move came to light after an email from a competitor to category management lamented what they perceive to be negligence on the part of its owner, the Australian Racing Group, in terms of the profile that ‘he now receives and from the level of support given to management.

Bowe has been in TCM since 2008, his first year off Supercars, and has won five series titles since then.

The two-time Bathurst 1000 winner remains a staunch supporter of the retro series, as well as his leadership under ARG.

“Honestly, I read with some interest about one person in particular commenting on Eastern Creek,” Bowe told, referring to this email which was sent right after the round. of Sydney Motorsport Park.

“I thought Eastern Creek was great, except in the last race I thought the driving standards of one particular person were a little questionable, but I think it’s okay.

“The show is great, people love it, it’s in a transitional phase because it has new owners and everyone is working on how best to present it and all that.

“But it’s great; the cars are the stars of Touring Car Masters, really, and there are some very interesting and very diverse cars, so I don’t see any problem with that.

“I don’t know what caused all of this, but I didn’t see the TV,” he added, referring to a complaint about TV opting for a split screen to show a pilot of TCR sang a happy birthday during a TCM race.

“I love the category, I’ve always done it. Cars have evolved a bit over the years [but] I have nothing to criticize for the category. “

ARG bought TCM in mid-2019 and retired the Supercars series of events to largely take place with the Shannons Motorsport Australia championships.

Despite some suggestions that his profile has gone down and one criticism in the aforementioned email being that the pitch was set up on the skidpan rather than in the garages at the Sydney stand, Bowe believes the series is well placed to satisfy His fans.

Bowe on the right track. Photo: Australian Racing Group

“Any category that has new owners is going to have new systems and we’re only one V8 Supercar reunion, but that’s not a bad thing,” he said.

“All the races at Eastern Creek were on time, they were well organized, well administered; no drama with them at all.

“I notice the reviewer said we were on the skidpan; that, for me, is better than being in the garage at the stand because the public had easy access to it, and that’s what they like to do – they like to walk around our cars – so I don’t saw no problem.

Taylor is believed to have generally had the support of TCM’s competitors, and Bowe sees himself as one of them.

“I was disappointed with Paul Taylor’s resignation because I thought Paul Taylor was great,” he noted.

“He has a very solid background in racing rules, legalities and categories, and all kinds of things, so I was disappointed.

“I let him know and let the category know, but I have no problem with the category.”

Round four of the series will take place at Morgan Park, with the Shannons Motorsport Australia Championships, on June 25-27.

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