Amsterdam-based digital fashion house The Fabricator pockets €12.8m to build ‘metaverse wardrobe’

Amsterdam-based The Manufacturer, a decentralized digital fashion house that builds the wardrobe of the metaverse, announced that it had secured $14 million (€12.8 million) in a round of Series A funding led by Greenfield One. Ashton Kutcher and Guy Oseary’s Sound Ventures, Red DAO and others also participated in the round.

Existing investors including 4impact, Slingshot Ventures and Borski Fund also participated.

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Other Series A contributors include pioneers in the crypto community such as Sfermion, Koji Capital, Stefano Rosso (OTB Group), Marc Weinstein (Partner at Mechanism Capital), Trevor McFedries (Brud), Shari Glazer (Glazer Foundation), Angel Xu (Venture Partner Quantstamp), Benny Giang (ex-Dapper Labs), Richard Ma (Quantstamp and owner of Iridescence Dress), Sebastian Borget (Sandbox), Sillytuna (Crypto Investor), Chad Knight (Head of 3D Wilder World), Victoire Maureau and Anoop Kansupada (Nifty Gateway).

Use of funds

The Amsterdam-based fashion platform says it will use the funds to further develop its “metaverse wardrobe” initiative through its NFT platform – The Fabricator Studio.

The Manufacturer says the funding will also allow them to contribute to a new economy and provide a platform where anyone can become a digital fashion designer and participate in the digital fashion economy.

The Metaverse is coming and everyone is sprinting to secure their slice of the virtual pie. The Manufacturer is one of them.

Digitizing democracy

Founded by Kerry Murphy, Amber Slooten and Adriana Hoppenbrouwer in 2018, The Fabricator creates digital couture NFT collectibles in collaboration with fashion and entertainment brands to bring them into the 3D digital fashion space.

The company says it has created a space where a savvy 12-year-old can create a metaverse-native brand that can compete on the same terms as a heritage fashion brand.

“A child in Dakar will have as much chance as a child in Paris of becoming an influential force in fashion,” the company states in its manifesto.

Amber Slooten, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at The Manufacturer, says, “The story of digital fashion needs a new narrative. One that leaves toxic behaviors and waste behind and looks to the 21st century and beyond. In the metaverse, we get to create a new playground where everyone can benefit from and appreciate the love of self-expression, and create an economy around it. We have designed the tools to help build a new fashion industry, one in which we believe we will all thrive.

The manufacturer estimates that by 2025, 100 million people will be ready for the metaverse wearing digital clothing that is hit in their studio.

To date, the company has partnered with Adidas, Under Armour, Off-White, Napapijri, Puma, Peak Performance, World of Women, and gaming platforms like Epic Games and The Sandbox.


Berlin-based Greenfield One is an early-stage crypto and blockchain venture capital firm. The VC focuses on early developer teams building an open, decentralized, and more robust architecture of the web of tomorrow.

Jascha Samadi, partner at Greenfield One, says, “In virtual environments, we are likely to have multiple digital reflections of our physical selves. The Maker Studio allows any designer to become their own fashion designer in the metaverse – paired with Web3 technology, digital fashion becomes unique, tradable and accessible to as many people as possible. The team behind The Maker identified this user-generated fashion paradigm early on, long before NFTs caught the mainstream attention.

“Everyday users become creators using The Maker Studio, which allows users to create high-end digital fashion NFTs in collaboration with their favorite brands. The Maker builds a very user-friendly end-to-end experience that hides the complexities of blockchains, while providing users with all the sovereignty + interoperability + distribution value that NFTs can provide. By being the first to tackle UGC on the blockchain, The Manufacturer is introducing brand new ecosystems to this community and their shows the power and value of NFTs for creators,” says Maaria Bajwa, Investor at Sound Ventures.

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