19-year-old from San Marcos breaks another Dakar Rally record

Seth Quintero, 19, won 12 of 13 stages, but did not win the overall race…this time.

SAN MARCOS, Calif. — Seth Quintero is a 19-year-old driver from San Marco who is making his mark after just two appearances in the Dakar Rally, known as the world’s toughest auto race.

In 2021, as an 18-year-old rookie, he became the youngest driver to win a stage in Dakar.

“We’re new record holders, which is great,” said Seth Quintero.

This year, in the 2022 race, he broke the record for the most stage wins in a single Dakar. It’s a 13 stage race and Seth won 12 stages. The old record was 10. Although he won 12 of 13 stages, he did not win the race.

“With Dakar, it doesn’t matter how many stages you win. It’s quite a race.

In Stage 2, Quintero had brake problems and had to be towed to the next stop. His team were given a 10-hour penalty for arriving late, which put them too far behind to catch up in the general classification over the next 11 stages.

The record for the youngest driver to win the event was set by a 26-year-old driver. Seth therefore has another 7 years to add this to his list of entries in the Dakar Rally record book.

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